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Qualified Animal Behaviourist

Our highly recommended online service can help stop unwanted behaviour and ensure you have the best time with your dog.

About me

Hi! I’m Kelly, a COAPE qualified animal behaviourist and I love making a positive difference to the lives of dogs and their owners!

I believe in only using force free techniques, which means I will never recommend any form of punishment, including yanking leads, shouting, choke or prong collars, or the awful buzz/shock/bark collars. 

It it makes me sad to think these techniques even exist. Anything that causes your dog pain, discomfort or fear is completely unnecessary.  Instead, I will work with you to understand the issues you’re having and why they are happening. Then I’ll suggest detailed steps you can take to modify your dog’s unwanted behaviours and improve your time together.

I can help stop:


Over enthusiasm

Unruly behaviour


Puppy problems

Excessive barking

Separation distress

Storm phobia

Fear of fireworks

Compulsive behaviour

Repetitive behaviour

Indoor urination or soiling


Work with me

1. Book

Book your 90-minute consultation session time at a time that suits you using our calendar. Payment is taken at time of booking and you’ll receive an email confirmation and client questionnaire.

2. Questionnaire

Complete your client questionnaire and send back to me at least 72 hours ahead of our meeting. The more information you can provide, the more we can tailor our support to you and your dog. We love seeing videos of your dog and their behaviour, and these can be sent via WhatsApp.

3. Consultation

We’ll have an in-depth discussion based on your questionnaire and I’ll talk you through the best ways to deal with your specific challenges. It’s a completely interactive call and there are no limits to how many questions you can ask! At the end of the session we’ll book a 30-minute follow-up call around three weeks later. This is INCLUDED in our fee!

4. Report

Within 72 hours of our first call, you’ll receive an email with your personalised behaviour report – often called a Behaviour Modification Plan (BMP) – which you can follow and implement. Some people charge extra for this. We think that’s madness! This tool is fundamental and when you work with us it is included in the price of your consultation.

5. Updates

For the next three weeks you can WhatsApp message me on weekdays between 10am - 4pm, and you’ll get a same day response. We want you to have all the extra support you need as you follow your BMP and encourage questions, feedback and updates.

6. Follow-up

We’ll have our 30-minute follow-up call to see how you have got on with your BMP. We’ll look forward to hearing about all your progress! If you’d like to book any more follow-up sessions you can book them at our loyalty rate of £70 for 60 minutes. There is no obligation but some clients find this helpful.

The Science

Our behaviour modification process is based on the Panksepp principles of affective neuroscience.

We will identify factors causing emotional upset and equip you with knowledge and techniques to adjust emotions, and therefore behaviour.

Vet referrals

We work closely with vets and are happy to take referrals and liaise directly.

We may advise a full vet check as medical issues are very often a contributing factor to behaviour problems.


Now that’s a good question! And one I will aim to get to the bottom of during our time together.

Our online consultations are £160 for 90 minutes and INCLUDE a Behaviour Modification Plan which will be sent to you within three working days of our call. We also INCLUDE WhatsApp support for three weeks and a 30-minute follow up consultation.

If you are outside the UK please contact us for international pricing options. 

That depends on how much you want it to work! I will give you all the tools and techniques you need to modify your dog’s behaviour. The daily implementation of those tools and techniques will be down to you. If you follow the steps I suggest, your dog’s behaviour will change for the better.

This will depend on you, your dog and the issue. Generally speaking, I’d like to think you’d see some changes within three weeks, but this totally depends on how you implement the tools and techniques I recommend. A bit like personal training in the gym, it only works if you put the work in!

No – and this is where I differ from a lot of practitioners who charge to send your plan afterwards, or charge for a follow-up appointment. There is no obligation for you to have further  follow-up calls, but if you choose to, you’ll get an exclusive client loyalty price of £70 for 60 minutes. If a full vet-check is recommended, this will be at your own cost.

If you are outside the UK please contact us for international pricing. 

Not unless you cancel at least 72 hours before our planned consultation.

Working with just you and your dog in your home environment is arguably much more effective than having a stranger enter your dogs’ home, causing additional stress. It also allows me to be much more flexible and fit in with your schedule!

Another good question! You can learn more about me here and you can see the five star reviews I’ve had here. The vast majority of my clients come to me through word-of-mouth referrals which I think speaks for itself, and makes me very happy! My aim will be to impress you enough that you will also want to recommend me.

A trainer will help you to teach your pet specific skills like stay, down, or drop it.

A behaviourist focuses on the underlying emotion that is causing a behaviour.